About Us

We are the Long family!

Church planters (with Continental Baptist Missions/CBM) in Utah.

Daniel: The Lord laid the desire on Daniel’s heart to come to Utah as a missionary when he came out to Utah on a missions trip. Daniel saw the great need for Evangelical Christian churches and for people to share the beautiful truth of the Gospel to many who need to hear. Daniel received his Bachelors degree in Pastoral Studies from Northland Baptist Bible College. He has been in Utah for 19 years, assisting 4 church plant works. He moved to Orem 10 years ago and is Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Orem.

Aja: Aja got saved at the age of 7 and felt the Lord had a special calling on her life. Her parents were part of the LDS (Mormon) church for 7 years and God brought them out of it. The Lord used that to give Aja a burden for the people of Utah. Aja served in many ministries as a single young lady, many of which prepared her for ministry in Utah. Daniel & Aja married in 2012…at which time Aja came to live in Utah and assist Daniel in the ministry.

The boys: We have 2 happy & energetic boys! Both born in Utah. The boys are a joy to our hearts and are very much a part of the ministry.