The Lord graciously provided the funds for us to get a English/Spanish translation equipment.

We have Hispanics come every Sunday.

  • The lady on the right is Maria. She speaks no English.

Today she cried through the entire service because she could understand what she was hearing.

She heard the Gospel today!

5-5-2022 did a survey of the neediest counties in America for Bible preaching churches.

Salt Lake (and surrounding counties) ranked #10 out of 100!! 😲

We are in desperate need of help to start fundamental Bible preaching churches here.

  • Pray for us…for wisdom as we seek to win lost souls.
  • Come to Utah and serve! One day, one week, one month!
  • Give financially. There is always financial needs for a church plant work.

Utah is a mission field.
People looking for peace.
Not enough churches.


So thankful for the weekend we had in Colorado – reporting to a supporting church.

We are so grateful for you who support us in the ministry, here in Utah.


Here is our latest ministry video…showing you what God has done and the plea/prayers for more laborers.


Easter Sunday and we were blessed to have close to 60 in attendance. Sever first time visitors. This encouraged our heart!


6 visitors in church today! 4 of them were first time visitors – unsaved to our knowledge.


We praise the Lord for a great teens activity last night. The Lord is strengthening our teen ministry!


Pray for our Vacation Bible School. If you’d like to help (several different ways to help!) 🙂 …let me know!


2nd month at the Nursing Home ministry. 7 attended. Several were LDS…and heard the Gospel.


“Blessing” is a new mama that attends our church. The Lord has allowed us to spend some time together lately…which has given me good opportunity to disciple her.


Today I was able to meet with a mom friend of mine. She recently left the LDS church and has been searching for what is true. Her search has led her in several directions.

Her decision to leave the LDS church cost her her job. After finding out she left the church, her job fired her.

She is still searching. Today we were able to talk about spiritual things and we have a good friendship built to continue discussions.

Pray for Beth.



We have had teens coming to church for a while. Daniel & I felt the Lord asking us to start up a teen ministry.
Today was our second class.
We had 6!

Pray for laborers to assist in the ministry